Specific Requirements for Volunteering with The East West Overseas Aid Foundation

Volunteers will need to meet the following criteria:

• Be at least 20 years of age

• Be fluent in English or Tamil

• Be able to volunteer on-site for a period of no less than 2 months

• Exhibit proven cultural sensitivity and respect

• Be in good health

• A successful police check

• During and on completion of volunteering, a volunteer must be able to report back to TEWOAF

Although there is no particular ‘type’ of person who makes a good volunteer, Our volunteer placements are limited, and we look for the following attributes in selection of our volunteers:

• A positive attitude

• Self- directed-ness and independence – volunteers must be able to show they are able to work independently and have self-motivation to begin and work on priojects without a large amount of guidance

• Open-mindedness and willingness to understand and adapt one’s own behaviour and ideas to a ‘foreign’ culture

• Adaptability – an ability to be flexible in the face of changing circumstances, unforeseen hurdles, new challenges, etc.

• Creativity – being able to think ‘outside the square’ to overcome language and cultural barriers to work to achieve positive results

• Patience – when things take longer than planned, when answers aren’t forthcoming, when messages don’t seem to be getting across

• Sense of fun and ability to laugh when things don’t go as planned

• Willingness to live outside ones comfort zone

There are a range of factors we take into consideration when processing an application, apart from qualifications, work experience and the personal attributes mentioned above. For example, we consider:

• Travel experience

• Volunteer experience

• Level of prior interaction with foreign cultures

What kinds of skills do TEWOAF look for in volunteers?

We look for volunteers with a variety of skills in a variety of areas. Currently we are looking for volunteers with the following skills or experience (in no particular order):

• Teaching English as a foreign language

• Tamil language speakers

• Librarian skills

• Environment and conservation

• Curriculum development

• IT technology and training

• Community development work

• IGP training and program development

• Project management

• Medical service and healthcare

• Health promotion

• Office and financial administration

• Public relations and marketing

• Recreation program coordination

• Early childhood education / child care

More importantly than they skills you bring is the attitude you bring. Sometimes the best volunteers are those who come unsure of what they will do during their volunteer placement. But by being positive, creative and open-minded, such people often end up making an outstanding contribution.




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