Volunteer & Visitor Accommodation Building

Over the years, The East West Overseas Aid Foundation has benefitted from many volunteers from around the world who have offered their talents at our projects. Their incredible energies, ideas, spirit, goodwill and intent make a marked difference to the lives of many people over many years to come.

We continue to seek motivated people with skills and experience to offer the Foundation, just as we enjoy inviting visitors and offering them hospitality, but we are constrained by limited accommodation at the Uluru Children's Home itself. To rectify this situation, we are going to construct a Volunteer and Visitors Accommodation Building just off-site of the Home. The area is somewhat flood-prone and so it will be elevated accordingly.

The drawings below are by Rock Brown Projects Pty Ltd, Melbourne. Our pro bono architect will also be involved with the final design and execution of the work. To facilitate this process, our pro bono urban landscape design architect, David Klingberg, has put together with our architect a Master Plan of our site with buildings completed and those to be built clearly marked.


The site for the Volunteers & Visitors Accommodation Building is at the top left-hand corner (please click this image to enlarge)
Ground Floor Plan (please click this image to enlarge)
Elevation A (Please click this image to enlarge)
Section X-X (please click this image to enlarge)
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