Vocational Training Centre

Still in its planning stages, the Vocational Training Centre is something the surrounding communities have been requesting for some time. TEWOAF is currently applying to the State Government's Ministry of Youth Affairs for funding for training programs. If TEWFI is able to provide a Centre for training, with accommodation facilities for trainers, the Government will fund ongoing vocational training for target groups in the community.

Villagers have made various requests for training in various fields, including:

  • Boat engine repair (currently local fisherman must travel far for this, at high personal cost)
  • Mobile phone repair 
  • Radio and television repair
  • Fish pickling

Long term it is hoped that this Centre, in conjunction with the e-Education Centre, may be able to offer a wider range of courses for local people who complete at least 10th Standard but are unable to travel far for further training. By offering training courses in areas such as nursing, teaching, childcare, business management, secretarial work, IT and others, the employment prospects of local people will be vastly improved.

We are actively seeking funds for the construction of the vocational training centre. If you would like to contribute, please visit our donations page or, for more information on the plans for the centre, please contact us...

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