A focus on Education...

The East West Foundation is currently focussing its energies on improving the quality of education in the Alamparai area. A range of formal and informal education initiatives are being developed to improve education on various levels. We are engaging with several existing Government schools, working with staff and the school community to improve the quality of education available. At the same time, we are developing plans to provide opportunities for those people who missed the chance to receive a decent formal education – we hope to work with such people to offer them skills and knowledge which are relevant and useful in their lives.

Like most government schools in rural India, the quality of local schools is very poor. This leads to high levels of illiteracy - research has revealed that 50% of 5th Grade children in Tamilnadu cannot read a paragraph in Tamil, their native language (see AID India:  http://chennai.aidindia.org/education.html). Student attendance in local schools is low. In addition, there is a very high drop out rate, with less than one third of people in local area educated up to secondary level (see Post Tsunami Health Care in Rural Areas, TEWFI). Although private schools do exist, the tuition fees are unaffordable for most locals, as are costs of additional tuition. For those that do manage to go relatively well in school, the options for higher study are very limited as access to either tertiary institutions or training facilities is very difficult.

Through a wide range of initiatives and in collaboration with many other organizations and institutions, TEWOAF is working hard with local community to improve education in the area. It is hoped that in the future local children will be provided with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence they need to succeed in their lives….

Working with local schools
Informal Education


Other education projects

Vicki Standish e-Education Centre

Coastal Eco-Education Centre

Community Library

Vocational Training Centre


Photographs courtesy Jaime Murcia

Contribute to the future of Alamparai's children...

If you are interested in contributing funds for these much needed resources, The East West Foundation and the children of Alamparai would be extremely grateful. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, has the potential to make a genuine contribution to the future of these children. You may choose to nominate where your funds be spent – for example the monthly salary for a professional and experienced teacher costs around $240; or perhaps you’d like to contribute towards the purchase of bricks for the fence.

To donate to this extremely worthwhile cause, please visit our Donations page for payment page. All donations made to The East West Overseas Aid Foundation are tax deductible. For more information please contact the Foundation on +61 (0)3 9650 0514 or by email: admin@tewoaf.org.au.


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