Community Development

Apart from health and child welfare activities, TEWOAF has been involved in community development work in the region since 1997. TEWOAF chooses, as far as possible, to employ and train local staff from the area and engages various local and international organisations to work with and empower members of the community to address local needs.

Current Community Development Activities

  • Youth groups and women’s groups. These support groups give members opportunities to discuss their concerns with life and livelihood issues and find ways to resolve them. TEWOAF is working with these community groups to empower members through education and micro finance initiatives.
  • Vocational training – computer education for unemployed youth has been running for over two years now, and several students have subsequently been employed by TEWFI and others on account of their new skills. Classes for children are also held on weekends and school holidays. With the opening of TEWFI’s permanent 34 PC Vicki Standish e-Education Centre in 2008, we hope to reach out to more people with this service. 
    Construction of a community Vocational Training Centre is also planned for the near future. 
  • Micro-insurance program. TEWFI was selected by the Confederation of NGOs in Rural India (CNRI) to implement a scheme aimed at creating employment and providing low-cost insurance to vulnerable people. Local youth have been trained and employed and many families are now financially protected in the case of injury, disability and death.
  • Community Education. TEWOAF has been actively involved with improving local education since day one. Apart from our work with several local government schools, we are also involved in a range of informal education activities targeted at school drop-outs and other community members.  More info…
  • Youth programs. TEWFI has been organising sporting programs, English classes, and other evening activities for local youth. We are also actively seeking funds to commence Karate classes for community youth and children as soon as possible. These initiatives are intended to provide youth with positive and meaningful ways to spend their time, as alternatives to common patterns of alcohol consumption, which often lead to gambling, violence and addiction. Such programs are designed to empower youth by promoting confidence and self-esteem and developing inter community understanding.
  • Conflict Resolution. TEWFI has recently begun working with the Henry Martyn Institute to look at long-term ways of addressing complex intra and inter community conflict in the local area.
  • Playback Theatre – TEWFI has worked with a Playback Theatre group in Chennai to form a theatre group in the area, who receive ongoing training and workshops which they are expected to share with their fellow community members.
  • Waste management and environment care – recycling and environment education programs, ‘clean up’ days, etc., are being conducted in conjunction with Auroville. Long term measures for dealing with waste management are being looked into. A Coastal Eco-Education Centre is presently being built on land adjacent to the Uluru Children's Home to provide environment education and research to benefit the Uluru children as well as those from the local community.

Current Projects

In the near future, TEWOAF plans to expand current activities to incorporate the following initiatives:

Vocational training centre. A proposal is currently being developed for construction of a Vocational Training Centre, as requested by the community. More info...  

Teacher training program. TEWOAF is currently planning a one-month teacher-training program for unemployed persons who have completed high school. It is hoped that participants will be subsequently employed as educators in the community.

Informal education. TEWOAF is currently working to empower local people through a range of adult adult education and other informal education programs. More info…

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