Uluru Health Care Centre

Since 1998, The Uluru Health Care Centre has run a free primary health care service for more than 15,000 rural villagers around Alamparai in South India. The only service of its kind in the region, the Centre is staffed by a doctor and nursing staff from the local area, as well as several community social workers. Patients are able to access quality medical care, allowing them to be treated for a range of medical conditions which they may not otherwise afford to have treated. In addition, the Uluru medical team administers a range of health education and nutrition programs in the community, and is working to integrate psychosocial and mental health care into existing services.

Healthcare Activities...

  • The Uluru Health Care Centre is open six days a week and provides consultation and treatment to around eighty patients each day.
  • The Mobile Clinic runs every week in surrounding villages. This includes includes activities for preschool children, nutritional advice and monitoring, and home visits to senior citizens.
  • Health education in local primary school. Our community nurse and social workers spend half a day each week at the local Government primary school, educating students about issues related to health, hygiene, growth and development.
  • HIV awareness and education programs are conducted regularly with local youth.
  • Nutritional education targeting pregnant women, lactating mothers and other women are conducted regularly by our doctor and community nurse.
  • Regular nutrition programs are conducted at local Anganwadis (crèches) to monitor growth of community children (including provision of vitamin and nutritional supplements) and educate mothers about important issues related to children’s growth and development.
  • Psychosocial care programs with community children occur weekly, based on the findings of PTHCRP study revealing moderate to severe impact of the December 2004 tsunami.
  • A free counselling service has been set up as part of post tsunami work. A pilot program is currently administered by community social workers, with plans for a permanent centre in the future.
  • Toilet Facilities. TEWOAF has been involved in providing toilet facilities in local primary and secondary schools, where children were previously forced to relieve themselves in public and unsanitary locations.
  • Safe Drinking Water. We are currently working to provide clean drinking water for local school children.
  • Physical education at local primary school is carried out on weekly basis.

Healthcare News!

24 hour ambulance service. A brand new van was recently donated to the Uluru Health Care Centre by the Rotary Club of Guam, USA. An ambulance service is something locals have been requesting for some time, as they currnetly lack access to emergency health care above what is provided during working hours at our clinic. Final alterations are currently being made to the vehicle, with the new service to commence shortly.

Referral service. The Uluru ambulance is soon to launch a referral service. Involving twice-weekly trips to Pondicherry for specialist consultation, the service will be targeted at aged members of community.

Current Projects...

In the near future, the Uluru Heath Care Centre plans to expand its services to incorporate the following initiatives:

Clinic Extension. Plans for an extension of the Uluru Health Care Centre are in the final stages. The new facilities will include a Pathology Laboratory, Maternity Wing, Family Counselling Centre, and Traditional Medicine Centre (to be run in conjunction with Auroville).

Alcoholism prevention and treatment.  There is currently a very high incidence of alcoholism in local fishing communities. This is associated with many other economic and social problems including domestic violence, gambling, reducing household incomes, increased debt, inter and intra community conflict, mental illness and suicide. TEWOAF’s community social workers are currently working with local youth and women’s groups to develop strategies aimed at addressing the problem of alcoholism.

Support Uluru Healthcare!

The Health Centre continues to be actively involved in the health care of that region and is run solely through donations made to TEWOAF in Australia and from around the world. TEWOAF is in need of constant funds to support the running costs and ensure the service continues to be offered free of charge to the people in the area. Please visit our donations page if you would like to help out or feel free to contact us for more information.

Monthly Reports

Please see the following monthly reports for information on cases treated at Uluru Health Care Centre:

UHCC January 2009
UHCC December 2008
UHCC November 2008
UHCC September 2008
UHCC August 2008
UHCC July 2008
UHCC April 2008

UHCC March 2008
UHCC February 2008
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