The East West Overseas Aid Foundation

The East West Overseas Aid Foundation is an Australian volunteer driven organisation, founded by Dr Natteri V Chandran in 1992.

TEWOAF operates solely through donations. We have offices in Australia, the USA, the UK and India.

Donations to TEWOAF are tax-deductible in Australia.

Interview with our Founder
To listen to an interview with Dr Chandran, originally broadcast on Indian Link Radio (31/06/2006), please click here (mp3 format, courtesy of CHARINDAA).

Mission and Vision

The Foundation aims to ease the suffering of poor and disadvantaged people in India through a range of relief and development initiatives. 

The Foundation also acts as the Trustee of funds raised in Australia to carry out its mission. 

Currently the Foundation is focussing on contributing to the development needs of the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat community in Tamil Nadu, India - through a partner charitable organisation, The East West Foundation of India. 

Whilst there are no plans to replicate efforts in other parts of India, it is intended to use the experience and knowledge gained from the programs in Tamil Nadu in other developing countries. 

The Foundation has also established and maintained links with other NGOs active in similar or related projects in order to share information and experiences and operate in a more efficient and effective manner. It is expected that collaborative projects will play a more important role into the future. 


The Foundation focuses on development programs that cover health care, relief for 'children at risk', education, community development and environmental sustainability.  

Project areas

Community Health Care

Primary health care is provided at the Uluru Health Care Centre in the Alamparai village and also in surrounding villages via a mobile health clinic. The service is normally staffed by a doctor,  either a local and/or overseas volunteer doctor, and 3 nurses. The aim is to complement, rather than replicate other sparse services provided by government agencies.

Child Rights and Relief

Emergency shelter and care (physical, mental and spiritual) is provided to abandoned, orphaned and children at risk, primarily girls, at the Uluru Children’s Home located near the Alamparai village. Currentlythere are over forty children in the home. The aim is to double this over time.


Quality education is provided to children at the Children’s Home in all areas- academic, vocational, computers, the arts and sports -  to help each child to develop her or his potential whilst in residence.The education of children in the surrounding community is also supported by assisting the local schools in infrastructure projects and by the funding of specific teaching positions.A computer centre (The Vicki Standish Electronic Education Centre) located near the Children’s Home, as well as mobile computer vans offering a range of computer classes, support the education of the community children and adults in subjects such as maths, science, English, and computer skills. 

Community Development

The community is supported to develop an awareness of, and take actions on, a range of social issues such as prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism, AIDS awareness, improvements in public hygiene, vocational training and English language development. Assistance will also be given to establishing local job-creating and sustainable economic initiatives. 

Environmental Sustainability

The almost pristine environment surrounding the TEWFI site is a precious national resource. TEWFI has been instrumental in establishing a waste recycling project and a Coastal Environmental Education Centre for the use of the local community. The community will be supported to ensure the surroundings are safe guarded and their impact on the environment is minimised. Collaboration with a range of environmental organisations will continue to be a focus to ensure relevant projects are implemented. 

Fundraising and allocation of Funds

  • Funds are raised from donors and supporters in Australia through events, direct mail outs, presentations and via personal contacts.
  • The funds are forwarded to The East West Foundation of India (TEWFI) to support its operations in India.
  • All funds collected by TEWOAF are used to support TEWFI only.
  • Operating costs in Australia are kept to a minimum by using volunteer help as much as possible.
  • Supporters are kept informed as to how the funds are used in India.
  • Relevant Australian regulations are followed.
  • Continuous contact with TEWFI is maintained to ensure that both TEWOAF and TEWFI carry out their respective Duty of Care obligations.
  • The Foundation has two other sister charitable organisations - The East West Foundation of the USA, which solely supports TEWFI, and the Upkar Foundation of UK .
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