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The Day Sponsorship program offers a warm act of giving that directly touches the lives of others and which makes a genuine and practical difference to the poor of rural India on an ongoing basis.

For AUD$400 you will fund the running costs of both the Uluru Children's Home and the Uluru Health Care Centre for one day and AUD$200 for half day each year. This includes food, medicines, salaries and other supplies which are necessary for the daily running costs and continued survival of these two special places. You will also supply a special meal for the children at Uluru in honour of your chosen person, day or group. Itís a giving from West to East and a giving thanks from East, West.

You do not have to be an individual or family to become a day sponsor - work and community groups are highly encouraged to become part of this unique program.

Photographs courtesy of Jaime Murcia

Donations of more than $2.00 made to 'The East West Overseas Aid Fund' are tax deductible in Australia.

How to Sponsor A Day

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