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Megan Nutbean - Dinner Dance Speech 2008
This is a speech given by our volunteer and education officer, Megan Nutbean, in which she talks about her experiences living and working at Uluru Children's Home.

TEWOAF Communications With Volunteers and Corporate Sponsors (2007)
A research project by RMIT University Communications students Justine Nancarrow, Valerie Cheong and Christine Novo.

"Tsunamis and Oz!" Presentation by Dr. Natteri V Chandran at the
Mental Health Foundation of Australia National Conference celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Melbourne 8th October 2007.
Due to technical difficulties, this presentation is currently unavailable. Please email us on for more information.

'A Reason to Smile Again' - Amita Sarwal
Article on the Uluru Children's Home.
Me February 25, 2007
DNA - Daily News & Analysis

'Giving them a new lease of life' - Amita Sarwal
Article on the Uluru Children's Home, published in The International Indian, January 2007.
Courtesy: The International Indian (  )
Est 1992: The oldest, authoritative English magazine of Gulf-Indian society and history.

'Post Tsunami Health Care in Rural Areas'- PTHCRP team
Paper presented at First India Disaster Management Committee - New Delhi,  November 2006.

Interview with Dr Chandran
An interview with our Founder, originally broadcast on Indian Link Radio on the 31st of June, 2006 (mp3 format, courtesy of CHARINDAA).

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