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Post Tsunami Health Care and Research Project

The 2004 Tsunami resulted in extensive loss of life and destruction to the areas surrounding the Uluru Children’s Home. Lives and livelihoods were destroyed as boats, nets and other equipment were damaged beyond repair. In the days following the tragedy, TEWOAF staff assisted villagers with food and health care needs. TEWOAF set up the Post Tsunami Health Care and Research Project (PTHCRP), which enabled our staff to visit surrounding coastal villages with a mobile health service to cater for the medical and psychological requirements of those affected by the disaster. They also collected data in order to identify the various long-term needs. This five year project will reach Tsunami affected residents in 5 adjoining villages, providing ongoing physical, social and psychological care.

Recently the PTHCRP Team was asked to make a presentation about their work providing post tsunami health care to people in rural areas at the conference on Disaster Management in New Delhi. To read the paper they presented, please click here (PDF, 104 KB).

For more information about the project, please see the following Documents:

PTHCRP Project Proposal
PTHCRP Budget - August 2006

Post Tsunami Health Care in Rural Areas 
(Paper presented at First India Disaster Management Committee - New Delhi, November 2006)


Please CLICK ON THIS IMAGE for an animation of the devastating scale of this natural disaster. The tsunami was started by a 9.3 earthquake with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia,
and it claimed 230,000 lives and caused great damage along coastlines of the Indian Ocean, including the coast of Tamil Nadu in India.

A letter from Dr Chandran, January 2005

Along with our Patron Justice Ron Merkel, his wife Beth Charles, and fellow Trustee Thamby Raj Naidu, Chitra and I were at our Foundation site at Alampara on the Tamil Nadu coastline just north of Pondicherry, when the tsunami struck on a beautiful Sunday morning without the slightest hint of a warning. The backwaters surrounding our Foundation site absorbed most of the force of the wave, and while the water came up to the buildings, fortunately there were no injuries or loss of life. Apart from our underground drinking water supply being affected, both the Uluru Children's Home and Uluru Health Care Centre escaped very lightly compared to those around us. Within moments it was quite apparent that TEWOAF would have to play an important role in our region over many years to come to assist those affected by the tsunami.

There was extensive loss of lives, injuries, damage and destruction caused by the wave in the surrounding areas, which desperately need our help.

The Foundation staff helped with feeding the villagers for the first three days, with healthcare, and taking stock of the needs in the Kadapakkam district served by us.

We have offered to take in 50 Tsunami displaced children/orphans for immediate, and/or long term care as the authorities wish. We need to build 2 dormitories and staff quarters as soon as possible.

We are also assisting the people affected in re-establishing and regaining their livelihood. Any financial assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to forward this request to anyone you feel may be able to help.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Dr Natteri V Chandran

TEWOAF Founder

Before and after shots of the 2004 Tsunami.
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